Reasons to Hire a Residential Designer


There is a certain magic that can be seen and felt in homes created through a close working relationship between owner and designer. The talented design team at Treehouse Design Group works closely with each client to create wonderful homes for daily living.

How can hiring a professional designer benefit you?

An Expert In Your Corner

Whether you’re building a custom home or starting a one-room remodel, an experienced designer can help you make important design choices and avoid common pitfalls to save you both time and money. Many prospective homeowners lack the knowledge and expertise to navigate the modern building landscape, so it’s crucial to have someone on your team who understands the entire process and has up-to-date knowledge of current design standards, cost-efficient materials, and building codes.


From determining the appropriate square footage, to assessing energy-efficiency, to positioning the structure onto the available building site, a designer can help you strategically plan to keep your costs down and your project on budget. For instance, with every square foot your project increases, so does the overall cost. A pro designer can find ways to be creative with spaces and design for flexibility, putting the same amount of functionality into a smaller space.


Attention To Detail

A designer translates your wants and needs into reality. Whether you love to entertain or simply enjoy coming home to a space that is uniquely yours, a professional designer creates homes that are not only visually appealing but also comfortable and functional.  A good designer will take into consideration your needs and wishes, as well as advise you on structural requirements, functionality, energy efficiency, and more.  In the end you will be presented with a final design that has lasting appeal and adds to the long-term value of your investment.


Preparing detailed and accurate drawings significantly reduces mistakes, smoothing the way for the rest of the home-building process. It ensures that most of the critical decisions are made and approved well before construction begins, saving you valuable time.  

In addition, professionally prepared plans typically pass through the permitting process with a minimum number of revisions, meaning you get your permit faster.

Enjoying the Experience

Designing and building the home you envision should ultimately be an enjoyable experience.  Knowing that you have the right design team behind you every step of the way will give you the confidence and peace of mind that will allow you to enjoy the process that much more.  The process of creating, designing, following the progress, and ultimately living in the project you helped create will bring you satisfaction for years to come.